Testimonio en Inglés

Marianelly Ramos after returning from her internship in New York:
"I have to thank SCARTS for giving me the opportunity and the knowlege.Thanks to what I learned there, I had a great time putting into practice all the details and tips they taught me. I had the chance to see the reality of the career and relate this to all that I had learned"

"It was better than what I had expected ... He is the best Master Chef we  could ever have... It was something phenomenal, thank you very much... Outstanding Chef... Everything excellent, many techniques, how to store food ... Excellent course... It was very useful... I especially enjoyed that the Chef made other dishes we suggested, thank you...Courses, content, methodology, recipes and care were excellent... All the explanations were very clear. You are a true Master Chef... I finally found what I was looking for, you are a teacher from the beginning to the end ... It has been fun and I've learned even more than I could have expected in such a short time... The course has been excellent, I loved it, you are the best chef... Thank you for your patience and for solving my doubts... Very professional, very explicit, good development of recipes... Everything was excellent especially the atmosphere... All very clear..."

"I always learn so much when I'm around you and it comes so easily. Thank you for teaching me what I should look for on a plate (culinary arts, presentation, flavor, texture and originality. As I said, I learned a lot! Best wishes, thank you for what you're doing for so many Salvadoran youth." " What an inspiring teacher you are and how clean, organized and orderly the SCARTS environment is." Mike Wise


"Droll  humor ... Expertise Attention to exactness and detail Cleanliness and precision Stimulating us to think"
Dr. William M. Harrison, WA, in Paul Bocuse Institute, Lyon, France

Hervé impressed me repeatedly. He goes the extra mile, to ensure we receive every opportunity to learn Le Cordon Bleu, London

It has been fun and I've learned even more than I could have expected in such a short time Sheila Schmidt in School of Culinary Arts, Central America
"I would like to praise Chef Hervé for his teaching skills and sensitivity Le Cordon Bleu, London"

I rate Hervé Laurent very highly An excellent Chef and a marvelous teacher. Full marks! He makes all the difference Le Cordon Bleu, London

Motivation and determination High standard for which he gained recognition from international accreditation associations Innovative approach Calm and well mannered character BV Oberholzer,Hotel and Tourism School, Leysin, Switzerland